I LIVED is a new documentary series about place and identity in Brooklyn's neighborhoods.

New York City has always been an idiosyncratic mashup of cultures, languages, and people from around the world. And Brooklyn--home to the largest population of New Yorkers--is a place where neighborhoods play out their distinctive identities through their residents, brand new and multi-generational alike.

I LIVED is an unrestricted lens into the dynamic life of those neighborhoods as experienced by those who know the streets personally. From a lifelong resident to a first-wave gentrifier, from a fifteen-year-old girl to a man who spent over fifteen years behind bars--I LIVED: Brooklyn rejects stereotypes and refuses to rely on clichés. It has no loaded agenda, but rather a clear goal: beautify life in Brooklyn, build an understanding of the intricacies of identity in the borough's neighborhoods, and tell human stories that have importance to us all.



The I LIVED PROJECT is currently in production for I Lived BROOKLYN, Volume 2: CONEY ISLAND